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Download – Lex Turns Evil 3

rapBiYr Download – Lex Turns Evil 3

Lex Turns Evil 3.DVDRip.x264

Elenco: Bella Bellz, Brianna Brooks, Kelsi Monroe, Lexington Steele, Savannah Fox

Sinopse: Studly, heroically hung pornographer Lexington Steele presents four scenes of interracial corruption in “Lex Turns Evil #3.” Gorgeous, radically tattooed Bella Bellz volunteers to work off her boyfriend’s debt, her eyes smoldering. As she rides Lex’s pole, her deeply cleaved cheeks bounce like twin basketballs. In amazing visuals, Lex pumps her asshole, the inked buns as formidable as his dark meat. Tanned brunette beauty Kelsi Monroe is undercover in skin-tight spandex leggings, and police work is not on her mind as she un-holsters Lex’s fully loaded big black cock. As she fucks, Kelsi masturbates and fingers her own bunghole. Lex dick-slaps busty blonde Brianna Brooks’ full boobs, and her fleshy, white butt bobs as she rides cock. He creams her jugs, with one shot plastering her face. Curvy, pierced brunette Savannah Fox masturbates, howls and whines as Lex sodomizes her cross-eyed; she sucks cock ass-to-mouth.

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Download – Mon gynecologue est un pervers

AhJOu8L Download – Mon gynecologue est un pervers

Mon gynecologue est un pervers.DVDRip.x264

Elenco: Julia Gomez, Kim Equinoxx, Kate Pitch, Lisa Candy et Yanick Shaft

Sinopse: We all have the same idea. You have to be a real pervert to become a gynecologist. In this movie, you´ll see the daily life of a man who spends the whole day checking on girls vaginas… and their asshole too. And he doesn´t necessarily uses tools …

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Download – That Ole Black Magic

Rbe6vy1 Download – That Ole Black Magic

That Ole Black Magic.DVDRip.XviD

Elenco: Ebony Ayes, Kascha, Lauryl Canyon, Nina DePonca, Tiffany Storm, Darryl Edwards, Francois, K.C. Cool, Ron Jeremy

Sinopse: When the boss leaves for a weeklong trip with his wife, the employees decide to really party it up at his nice house! It`s an all out interracial sex party for the whole week and it seems no matter where you turn there`s a big black cock digging into some wet pussy or a hot ebony babe with big jugs riding on a dick. Let`s just hope the boss doesn`t find out!

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Download – Teeny Party

0YqIU4b Download – Teeny Party

Teeny Party.DVDRip.RMVB

Elenco: Lydia Chanel (as Julia Chanel), Draghixa, Jennifer Loca, Marianna, Ashley Davidson (as Wendy), Christoph Clark, Eric Weiss, Wilfried De Renzi

Sinopse: The Hardest Lil’ Women yet, sorority babes anyone would drool over – fucked for initiation. Some are so thin; they are picked up in the air for rectal rotations- real gasping female orgasms. At the pool, the cuties practice new found bisexuality by licking each others tushies and bungholes- they grab dudes in the pool and strip then, sharing cocks like lollipops. These guys all get to fuck the huge sorority in the pool, one of the best orgies ever had – the lil women working on more pennies than they have ever seen before, wagging tongs for loads of cum. At the disco, all dressed up, the mall rats strip for their friends and practice anal orgies. Even in the public movie theatre, the girls lap scrotums and let dudes put their dicks in their dripping rectums – they even strip and fuck the fraternity’s most popular pledge. An expert initiation into Lil’ Women!!

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Download – Couple “libere” cherche compagne “liberee”

4kuakrr Download – Couple libere cherche compagne liberee

Couple “libere” cherche compagne “liberee”.DVDRip.x264

Elenco: Cathy Dupré, Cathy Stewart, Laura Clair, Marianne Aubert, Nicole Segaud, Obaya Roberts, Vanessa

Sinopse: Marianne Aubert and Guy Royer are an unmarried swinging couple. They seduce every female or male they encounter, it seems. We seem them reading the paper (presumably the personal ads) while having sex.
Cathy Stewart arrives to do some typing for Guy. He seduces her, but runs off in disgust when Marianne tries to join in. The next typist, Laura Clair has no such inhibitions, however.
Next Guy arrives home to find Marianne talking to a friend (Obaya Roberts) while her husband (Jean-Pierre Armand) fixes their car in the street. The friend beckons him up to the apartment for a swinging session and he arrives to find Guy having sex with his wife. A foursome soon develops.
Then Guy and Marianne get married and go for their honeymoon to a hotel where they know that the owner (Alban Ceray) lets other guests spy on honeymoon couples through a two-way mirror, while he and the maid (XNK0673) peep through the keyhole.
The maid and Alban join the peeping guests and the maid takes them all on and then Alban and the maid join Guy and Marianne while the male guests watch.
On the drive home their car breaks down and it is not immediately fixable; so the garage owner invites them to stay with him and his wife (XNK0674). Another foursome follows.
Back home a sex-aids saleswoman (Cathy Dupray) calls and Guy persuades her to demonstrate the efficacy of the lube she is selling on her own anus – with his help of course. (Or maybe she was just selling butter in a tube. The label reads ´beurre laitier´- dairy butter.)
Then it´s Marianne´s turn again. She persuades a cop not to give her a parking ticket in traditional manner.
Then they both go to meet widow Nicole Segaud and have a threesome in a field adjoining the cemetery where her husband is buried.
Finally business caller Hubert Géral is inveigled into a threesome which a second business caller André Kay makes a foursome. Marianne takes a DP and facial.

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